Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Homebright?

Homebright is a direct home buyer. Our goal is to empower homeowners by providing a premium home selling experience: convenience, comfort and control. We eliminate the headache and lengthy process of the traditional real estate process.

Why was Homebright created?

Homebright was created to provide the best way for homeowners to sell their properties. We have designed a hassle-free process that places all of the control in the homeowners’ hands. If you are thinking of selling in three months, or as quickly as next week, our team will accommodate.

Where is Homebright currently buying properties?

Homebright is currently purchasing properties throughout Florida.

What types of properties does Homebright purchase?

Homebright buys all types of properties: residential, commercial, industrial, land etc.


How does Homebright determine their fair offer?

Homebright uses the information you provide along with extensive market analysis to offer the most for your property.

What kind fees do I have to pay?

You pay zero fees with Homebright. The offer we present is cash net to you.

What if I have a listing agent?

No worries! We have worked with realtors before and we are not afraid to do it again. We have even paid the sellers’ realtor commission before!

What does Homebright do after they purchase my property?

Homebright is in the business of buying and selling properties. We will either fix up the property and rent or resell it on the market.


How will receive my offer & how long is valid?

Homebright can deliver offers in multiple ways. The most common is via esign through email, but we also can mail it, or deliver it in person via a Homebright runner.

What happens after I accept Homebright's offer?

The next step after signing the purchase agreement is scheduling a time for a third party home inspector to come out for the home assessment.

When does my home go into escrow?

The escrow deposit will be funded to our trusted title company to hold within 24 hours of the signing of the next business day.


Do I have to hire my own inspector?

No, we will take care of this for you! A third party inspector will come out, do a quick walkthrough and take a few pictures.

What is the inspector looking for?

The inspector is verifying everything discussed over the phone and looking for anything that may have been unrealized.

What happens with the inspection results?

After going through the report Homebright will reach out with the results to discuss the next step.


When will you close on my home?

We will decide on a closing date when we initially speak and will work to close on or before that date depending on your needs.

Where will the closing take place?

The closing will be super easy because it will take place at our local family owned title company who has been in business for years.

How soon will I receive my funds?

You will receive your cash via wire or check. It is up to you!

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